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Felix Demonstrating with "Corvette" in Gold Coast
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Felix & Bart Having an Interesting Conversation about Animal Training


With his talent, academic background, and unstoppable determination, Felix has blown me away from the first time we trained together, and keeps on impressing me with his rapid understanding in canine behaviour and attention to the finest details. I am certain that he will be one of the brightest stars in dogsport in the next few years.

Bart Bellon, Innotek Pro-Staff Team, International Dogsport Coach, Belgium

Officer Rowan Sutton in Arizona

Mr. Felix Ho,

Hello, I wanted to take the time to let you know how very nice it was to speak to you on the phone and possibly write a few words to you and any prospective and or current clients of yours.

As a Canine Security Officer at a major level 1 trauma center located in Scottsdale AZ, USA, I was very pleased to find out that my new Canine partner was from someone who obviously knows and loves dogs, and is beyond doubt an expert in his field.

After choosing and receiving Schwarchund Marko "Corvette" and reviewing your accomplishments as a professional trainer and as a competition team, I feel very honored to be the new Caretaker / Handler of this fine animal, who has clearly been intensely trained, loved and cared for.

In the past 26 days that Corvette has been with me, I feel that we have started a very strong bond and so you have my word that I will pass along the same kindness in, training, love and care to him that he is noticeably used to.

As to any prospective clients, I highly recommend your services to anyone.


Rowan Sutton, Current Handler of Schwarchund Marko "Corvette", Licensed Policedog Handler, Scottsdale AZ, USA

Felix & Kris Training "Corvette" in Bitework

When I first met Felix Ho I was quite impressed. Why?

Because he did not beat around the bush, he was direct to the point and expressed his interest in working dogs without hesitation and was serious about the direction he had in mind. That was in 2001 and within four years he came second in the Australian Schutzhund Championships.

Fast forward into the future; it’s now 2012 and what an excellent representation of having the concept of having end in mind, no wonder he can train dogs so well.

Felix is determined to be successful and in my opinion already is. His rapid acceleration in understanding dog training has impressed me and continues to excite me. I had and have no doubt that Felix will be one of the talented trainers to be watched very carefully because he is driven and most importantly creative. I am proud to have commenced his initiation and it seems the rest will follow.

Kris Kotsopoulos, Training Director of Von Forell Australia –
How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog.

Jim Tokis

Mr. Felix Ho has shown us great skills and knowledge in training our dogs. I highly recommend his service to every dog owner!

Jim Tokis, Director of International Canine Academy & Total Canine Sporting Club, Australia

Reg with Bryan von Haus Mecki

I have known Felix for three years in the capacity of a dog trainer and competitor and personal friend.

Felix has a Bachelor of Animal Science which has led him into the field of dog training. Felix operates a successful dog training business dealing with behavioural problems and the training of dogs for pet homes, show, competition obedience through to Law Enforcement agencies.

Since knowing Felix I have found him to be an honest and reliable person who is self motivated with sound and positive ideals.

I believe Felix Ho through his education, experience and knowledge in animal behaviour, especially canine behaviour, can continue to greatly contribute to the Australian community through the education and training he provides.

Reg Worth, Queensland Police Dog Development Officer

President of Australian United SportDog Clubs

Member of Brisbane Sporting Dog Club, Australia


Hi Felix,

Great to see you've got your web site up & running.
Now more people will be able to see what a great job you're able to do with training their dogs. :-)
Keep up the good work!

Chris & Vicky, Pet Dog Owners, Australia


Great site Felix,
As to be expected you have done a great job. Thank u for the time and training u have put into Sniper.
Good luck :-)

George Kontos, Licensed Security Dog Handler, Australia


Hello Felix,
Steve and I just wanted to thank you for efforts with our little Ruby. Our family and friends are amazed at how obedient and well behaved she is for a pup and it is to your credit!
Not only did you teach Ruby to be responsive, alert and respond to commands, you taught us an effective way to continue the training long after our sessions are over.
Your lessons were extremely informative and interesting, you definitely know your stuff! I am so glad that we took that step in training Ruby, cause it was well worth it!! We can't wait to come to your training school.
Keep up your fabulous work and thanks again, it is very much appreciated.

Danni & Steve, Pet Dog Owners, Australia

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