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Felix & Nicole
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Felix Decoying for Bulldog in HKPDU

Felix Decoying for Ox in HKPDU

Felix Teaching HKPDU in 2013

Felix Decoying for Nicole in HKPDU

Felix Decoying for Ox in HKPDU

Felix Presenting Ossie with Training Certificate in HKPDU

Service Dogs for Police, Military, Security, & Detection:

Due to an increasing demand of law enforcement, military, security, and detection dogs around the world, We're frequently requested to select and prepare working dogs for government sectors and private companies. In order to have dogs available in a regular basis without compromising working ability and training standard, we work together with several other reputable breeders and trainers around Europe to meet our clients' requirements of quality and quantity. With proper organization and team work, we can prepare and provide you started dogs that have gone through extensive socialization, environmental exposure, working drives development, bitework foundation, and basic scent work. The breeds we have available include German Shepherd, Malinois, German Shepherd/Malinois Cross, Rottweiler, and English Springer Spaniel. For further information. please Contact Us.

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